Patriarchy and its Fragile Ego

“I don’t intend to leave my job after marriage” said an ambitious young woman. With a simple statement the fragile ego of patriarchy was subjected to a harrowing blow; ultimately subduing it. In a remote village, a family took it upon themselves that their daughter would be the first girl in the district to go to school, sending a chilling shiver down patriarchy’s spine. After saying goodbye to his wife, a father of two took on the task of sending his children to school, he was a homemaker who rebelliously put patriarchy’s ego back in its place. Shattering the glass ceiling, a business professional made her way to the CEO cabin, her new workplace, shattering the ordinance of patriarchy on the process. After being violated, a survivor of violence raised an unflinched voice against the hypocritical norms of patriarchy that were adjuring him to remain silent. Standing tall, an expectant mother announced that she was putting an end to the dreaded practice of aborting the girl, a custom, followed by her family since time immemorial; bluntly challenging the archaic norms patriarchy had set. A dying father mended his will as to give an equal share to his daughter and son, thus, taking patriarchy to the grave along with him.

The word patriarchy refers to a male dominated society; this includes economical, political and social spheres.  A male dominated society isn’t “new” in anyway. As a matter of fact it has been embedded in the roots of several cultures dating back to thousands of years. In the modern world it continues to creep its way into the lives of individuals, impacting their lives in different ways. This in mainly due the norms it has established and the stereotypes it has created. People are expected to abide to these norms and live up to these stereotypes. Any hindrance towards doing so is a hindrance in the path of the established system of patriarchy.

This archaic form of society has a negative impact on both genders. From denying people the right to express themselves freely, coming in the way of their individuality, depriving equally talented people of the same opportunity, to denying the right to live in some extreme cases, patriarchy still continues to eat away the quality of life of so many people. There is no place for such an unsophisticated and backward form of society in today’s world.

When it comes to the fight against patriarchy, people often get confused: how can one fight the ordinance of a male dominated society without going against half the population? Well, the answer is relatively simple. Patriarchy flourishes due to certain practices. It flourishes because of a mentality, not a gender. In order to rid society of patriarchy we need to become more open minded, and we need to rid our minds of the mentality that allows patriarchy to prosper.

It is crucial to identify the practices in our society that encourage the oppression or dominance of the genders, and to make a clear stance against them. If we don’t take initiative in doing so, there’s nobody coming from outer space to help us. A few acts of defiance are all it takes for the fragile ego of patriarchy to tremble.  A joint stand against this archaic menace could eradicate it from society. In the end, what actually matters is what we choose to do about it.


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