Women Empowerment: So can You

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. This word is often co related with the process of uplifting the position of women in society and giving them access to their rights. The concept of women empowerment is swiftly gaining momentum across the globe. It could involve fighting female infanticide, demanding reforms in the law, or putting an end to sexism.

However one thing to be noted is that women empowerment is not a movement “for and by the women of earth”. The movement isn’t about making women superior members of society; it is about giving them equal opportunities in social and economic spheres. When it comes to the participants of this movement; well they can belong to any gender. Misconceptions related to this movement often make people apprehensive of joining it.

Issues faced by women in the present time aren’t only a cause for concern for womankind; they are a predicament for men as well, because in the end the consequences are for everyone to bear (see stereotypes, inequality, prejudices).

One of the most crucial factors for women empowerment is to do away with the concept of male superiority. Patriarchy and misogyny go hand in hand. In order to get rid of one, the other must be obliterated as well. In order to get rid of these oppressive and detestable mentalities a change must be initiated by both genders. Without the participation of men, the ambit of this movement would remain limited.

A movement with the sole purpose of aiding people, who are denied equality, shouldn’t be the subject of doubt and skepticism; it should be openly embraced and backed by everyone. From shattering the glass ceiling to obtaining the basic right to live, women empowerment is prudent and is definitely the way to go.



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